Corsi Corsari brought together the Italian leaders of the Creative Education Foundation, trained at the University of Buffalo for many years at CPSI (Creative Problem Solving Institute), people who have chosen the profession of facilitators and who founded the association CREA in 2002.

CREA organizes from 13 years the most important European conference on creative thinking that is primarily aimed at creative professionals, educators, people looking for new ways of personal development and representatives of major companies.

CREA hosted business executives, professionals, students and workers from the most important companies, multinationals and universities: Coca Cola, Danone, Nestle, LG Electronics, University of Cambridge, Renault, Unicredit, Unesco, [for a complete list click here...]

Thanks to the collaboration with Matteo Catullo, Paolo Sbuttoni, Laura Barbero Switalski and Guido Galimberti, Corsi Corsari provides the businesses programs: Creative Problem Solving, Foursight and Business In Treatment.


Corsi Corsari Creativity at work, by CREA facilitators

Creative Problem Solving

How does creativity affect work processes?

Creative Problem Solving


How can I build an enthusiastic and efficient team?


Business In Treatment

How I bring my idea to success?

Business In Treatment

How to bring creativity in business?

What do we offer?

Time and space to be creative and learn how to work and live more creatively.

How can you explore the use of applied Creativity?

Through our programs on creativity and innovation, participants will learn the latest models and theories of Creativity and Creative Problem Solving, as well as new tools and techniques they will apply in work and in life everyday.

Our participants are people or organizations who have understood that learning should not stop with the school or university, or be limited to formal moments of corporate training: to these students of all ages and background we want to provide a space for alternative and uniquegrowth.



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