Our experience teaches us, thinking at the past, that often those who seem un-solvable problems find their unpredictable solutions.

So a problem that in the present, gives us frustration and worries, seen from far away makes us think if it deserves all this trouble and stress.

There is a methodology, widely experienced, the Creative Problem Solving (model Osborn-Parnes) that allows us to select the problems that really we want to get rid of, to identifying the best solutions and apply them in a practical and productive way.

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How to bring our business in therapy?

Corsi Corsari "Business in Treatment", by CREA facilitators


The therapy allows, in three 60 minutes individual sessions, to apply the method to a single problem. Once you have experienced, it can be repeated and apply in other problems or in other areas of the business.

The first session will take a look at your business with new and unexpected points of view. Recognizing the real problems from the apparent ones and selecting the problem-block from which you want to free yourself.

The second session will allow you to create multiple ideas to solve the problem and choose the basic solution, plus a second alternative.

Finally, the third session will help you create the right operational plan to implement the chosen solution, identifying the elements of assistance and resistance to the action, helping to avoid possible obstacles with creative ideas.

Additionally it will create an agile and enjoyable schedule for the work plan.



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