How to distinguish between your skills and your preferences for

Express yourself

Work better with others

Tested and used by more than 20.000 people around the world

Corsi Corsari Foursight, by CREA facilitators

There are many styles of thought: the main four are

How does creativity affect work processes?


How does creativity affect work processes?


How I bring my idea to success?


What steps should I use to achieve the goal?



The combination of these four thinking styles determines

what kind of thinker are you?


How to build a team of efficient and innovative work?

How to predict and solve problems on developing a project?

How can I have satisfied, enthusiastic, proactive and productive employees?


... but above all, what is Foursight?.


Foursight was born in the early '90s, by the work of Gerard J. Puccio Ph.D., professor of the International Center for Studies inCreativity.

Research and practice have revealed that individuals differ from each other depending on how they interact with the process of creative problem solving.

In fact in people varies the level of energy and interest in relation to the fundamental elements of the creative process: problem identification, idea generation, solution development, implementation plan and action.

The assessment tool FourSight is designed to help people identify their preferences in the process of creative problem solving.

Who participates in this program will get answers on their degree of preference within 4 areas: Clarifier, Ideator, Developer, Implementer.

Tested and used by more than 20,000 people worldwide, FourSight has supported training programs creative, professional and organizational development. To learn more and to know which companies have used this training, you can visit this page.

The purpose of the program is

  • Reveal to the participants their own creative style
  • Allow them to feel prepared and competent in the application and use of FourSight within their work. 

... and how it can be useful for my company?

At the end of the program, participants will be able to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of their approach to the creative process and create a development plan to improve their own personal creativity.
  • Understand and evaluate creative styles to implement creativity within individuals and groups.
  • Recognize how creative styles influence communication and teamwork.
  • Receive certification in the use of the assessment tool FourSight and develop the ability to apply the tool both with people and with organizations.



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